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Cooperation and Exchange
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The school of Materials Science and Engineering is the chairman unit of China Technical Association on Geosyntheticsthe vice chairman unit of Functional Materials Society of Chongqing, the executive chairman unit of physical society of Chongqing,  and the chairman unit of functional materials strategic alliance.

The school has successively held or co-organized 6 international and national conferences, e.g., “The 10th China National Conference on Functional Materials and Applications”, “The 6th International Conference on Multi-Functional Materials and Structures”, “The 1st International Conference on Frontier Development of New Materials”, and invited a number of academicians, Thousand Talents Program, Yangtze River scholar, or senior specialists and scholars from Tsinghua University, China Academy Of Engineering Physics, Canadian UBC to give lectures and exchange.

The school also carries out industry-university-research cooperation with lots of listed companies and enterprises , e.g., Chongqing Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd., Chongqing Yonggu Industrial Co., Ltd., CCCC port and channel Co., Ltd., Chongqing Materials Research Institute, Guangdong Jindonghai Co., Ltd., Henan Construction Materials Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, it becomes increasingly normal for teachers to take part in study tour and academic exchanges in various enterprises and engineering sites.

The school now has 20 fixed industry-university-research cooperation bases, and set up joint cultivation mechanism with research institutes like China Academy Of Engineering Physics and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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