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Discipline Introduction
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The discipline-materials science and engineering currently has first-level master degree authorization spot for materials science and engineering, cultivation qualification for materials and chemical industry, Chongqing municipal key discipline in “12th Five-Year Plan” and the “13th Five-Year Plan”.

The discipline team has 46 teachers, among whom, there 14 professors and 14 associate professors, including several renowned specialist and professors who hold such titles as “ cross-century academic leader, Ministry of Transport” or “Bayu scholars”.

This discipline combines the needs of transportation-civil engineering industry to new materials and has formed 5 featured research directions, namely, “high-performance road building materials”, “resource recovery and application of solid waste”, “construction functional materials”, “nanomaterials and its application”, “materials physics and chemistry” and accomplished a series of national-level, provincial & ministerial level scientific research projects, and achieved a spate of significant high-level research fruits, and formed some unique features and advantages in high performance, multi-functionalization of traditional road engineering materials.